Alaska Map and Falcon

The Alaska State Jet started operating in Alaska in 2005. (Click here for more)
It added safety and efficiency to state travel operations.
Alaska State Jet - Westwind II
Westwind II

Why is this website called
Because the Alaska State Jet was the original purpose and first subject of this website on Oct. 10, 2006.
The State of Alaska owned over 40 aircraft in 2006.
The fastest aircraft was the Alaska State Jet.
The fastest bird is the falcon.

Additional Subjects:

Oct. 19, 2010
President Obama wants to pass the Police and Fire Unionization Collective Bargaining bill.
Called the "Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act".
This bill would attack the sovereignty of Alaskan cities and erode the cities' ability to run their police dept as they choose.
U.S Senators Mark Begich (D-Alaska) and Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) are among the cosponsors of this bill. More...

Dec. 21, 2009
Danger of massive federal takeover of U.S. health care system.
U.S. Senator Mark Begich needs to be contacted - don't push us off the cliff into socialism. More...

Sep. 14, 2009
A 9/12 pro freedom rally was held on Sep. 12, 09 in Fairbanks, Alaska.  Click here for Photos...

Septemper 6, 2009
President Obama will give a televised speech to the schools on September 8, 2009.
I think it is fine if he will tell the kids to study diligently on subjects such as math, science and U.S. history.
I'm a bit worried, however, that the president might promote
converting September 11 to National Day of Service and Remembrance. I think that is a mistake.    More....
..................(Sep 8, 09 Update: The President did not mention about the effort to convert September 11 into the National Day of Service (legislation signed on April 21, 09). I'm glad that he did not tell the kids about it.. His school speech was very good.)

April 27, 2009
The Employee Free Choice Act (or "Card Check" Act) will effectively take away the secret ballot from workers when the labor unions come to try to unionize a company. The big labor union bosses are encouraging Congress to pass the EFCA bill. But we the people should try to stop it. More...

Jan. 6, 2009
Ice Art sculpture depicting Nativity scene in front of City Hall in Fairbanks, Alaska.
Someone in City Hall wants to tear it down. Read more...

Nov. 1, 2008
Liberals for years have been trying to pass the
Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). ENDA is a proposed federal anti-discrimination law for homosexuals.
ENDA would be a bad law because it would take away more of our American freedoms. ENDA would be a burden on private businesses.
Barack Obama is in favor of passing ENDA.
John McCain is not in favor of ENDA.    Alaska's congressman Don Young is also against ENDA.   Read more....

Oct. 30, 2008
John McCain wants success in Iraq.
Barack Obama never mentioned wanting success for Iraq in the 3 presidential debates.
Tiny bit of Vietnam War history. Why we must finish the job in Iraq.   More...

Oct. 9, 2008
Joe Biden's record when he first became a U.S. Senator in 1973 in regard to the Vietnam War.
Vietnam War - a history. Don't betray Iraq as South Vietnam and Cambodia were betrayed by Congress.  More...

Sep. 23, 2008
The danger of One World Government. The secular religion of Governmental Omnipotence Belief - GOB
What are GOBLINs?   More...

Sep. 22, 2008
Alaska Governor Sarah Palin had the right to terminate the Commissioner of Public Safety without giving a specific reason.
The Alaska Constitution cleary indicates that that position "serves at the pleasure of the governor." More...

Aug. 23, 2008
"Clean Elections" - publicly financed campaign law is about to be foisted on Alaska. The citizen initiated Ballot Measure # 3 proposes "Clean Elections" for Alaska and will be voted on in the primary election on August 26, 2008, Tuesday. I call it "Socialized Elections". I think Alaskans should vote NO on Ballot Measure # 3. More...
Update: Ballot Measure # 3 was defeated on Aug. 26, 08.

July 22, 2008
The Alaska legislature should not grant an exclusive licence to TransCanada to build an Alaska gas line.
TransCanada is a fine company, but the Denali Pipeline has a better chance of success in my opinion.
(A Fairbanks citizen writes an email to all 60 Alaska state legislators.)     More...

July 2008
Conoco developed Milne Point oil field 35 miles west of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.
Production started in 1985, but Conoco left Alaska's North Slope in 1993.
Were the Trans Alaska Oil Pipeline tariffs too high? There were other factors in their departure.
This was before Conoco became ConocoPhillips.
The oil companies would do a good job in building an Alaska Gas Pipeline.
But oil company critics try to use Milne Point as a reason why they shouldn't.   More...  

November 2007
Alaska Governor Sarah Palin wants to increase taxes on the oil companies.
A Fairbanks resident sends emails to the legislators on Nov. 13, 2007 asking them to hold off on the tax increase, but to approve the "Exempt Auditors" provision of the Governor's bill.
Update: On Nov. 16, 07, most of the legislators went along with Governor Palin's tax increase.


Ballot Measure 2 - Gas Reserves Tax, slaps a huge tax on some of the gas reserves that are in the ground up on the North Slope of Alaska. It is immoral in my view and should be voted down. It's touted as a way to encourage the oil companies to support the building of a gas line. The oil companies are already working toward trying to get a gas line and have spent millions of dollars toward that end. If Ballot Measure 2 passes, it will hinder the process and may kill the proposed gas line.
(Update: Thankfully, Ballot Measure 2 went down in flames in the November 7, 2006 election.)

Sarah Palin won the Republican primary for Alaska governor on Aug. 22, 2006. She beat incumbant Republican Governor Frank Murkowski who entered the race for reelection late (June 2006). Governor Murkowski evidently decided late in the game that he needed to serve one more term as governor in order to see the completion of the proposed 2006 Natural Gas Line Fiscal Ageement.
   However, candidate Sarah Palin wanted to try a different approach to getting a gas line for Alaska.
Click here to see the promise that she made on a Fairbanks radio station regarding getting a natural gas pipeline for Alaska. Sarah Palin was elected Governor of Alaska on November 7, 2006.

(About Iraq)
Donald Rumsfeld Resolution - 2 Fairbanks Borough Assembly members proposed a resolution calling for the immediate resignation of United States Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Fortunately, the resolution was voted down on Oct. 11, 2006.

The PPT Net Profits Oil Tax - is good for Alaska and is estimated to bring in one billion dollars per year of extra revenue for the State of Alaska. It will encourage the development of the more difficult "heavy oil" fields.  By encouraging more exploration and development, more gas reserves will be found and this will help make the proposed gas line more viable. The North Slope has about 35 trillion cubic feet of proven natural gas reserves. But the proposed gas line will need 50 trillion cubic feet of proven reserves to be economically viable. We should be able to do this, as long as we encourage more exploration and development. This new tax was passed by the Alaska Legislature in August 2006. (The PPT tax was amended in 2007.)

Bronze statue commemorating the
World War II Lend-Lease program.

Location: Fairbanks, Alaska,
by the Chena River, downtown.

  There is a beautiful bronze statue in Griffin Park ("Griffin" -no relation to the author of this website) that commemorates the World War II Lend Lease Program. It features an American pilot who is pointing in the direction that he came from while piloting a Bell P-39 AiraCobra single engine propeller driven fighter plane. He is going to transfer the airplane to the Russians so as to help them fight off the invading armies from Nazi Germany. The statue shows the Russian pilot as he pulls on his flight suit.    Behind the American and Russian pilot is a big 3 bladed propeller which represents a part of the P-39 Airacobra. The P-39 Airacobra had an unusual design in that its engine (a 1,325 hp Allison liquid cooled V-12) was located behind the pilot's cockpit. This was so as to allow a large cannon to be positioned in front of the pilot's cockpit in a way so that it could fire through the propeller hub.
   The caliber of the cannon is 37 mm. A drive shaft and gear coupling transferred the power from the rear mounted engine up to the front mounted propeller.
On the park statue, the barrel of the cannon is visible as it protrudes through the propeller cone. You can even see the rifling in the barrel.
   The sculptor was Richard T. Wallen.
The dedication ceremony for the new statue occurred on Aug. 27, 2006.
World War II Lend-Lease Statue

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