Sep. 14, 2009
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9/12 pro freedom rally
was held in Fairbanks, Alaska, on September 12, 2009.
Citizens demonstrate their concern about the ballooning of central government power and debt.

9/12/09 sign opposed to EmployeeFreeChoiceAct
I attended the 9/12 rally on Sep. 12, 2009 and brought a sign that opposed the Employee Free Choice Act.
Other people brought signs on various other subjects having to do with a pro freedom theme.
The location in the photo above is Golden Heart Park on First Avenue, downtown, Fairbanks Alaska. The Cushman Street Bridge over the Chena River is in the background. (The time is a little after 10 AM.)

9/12/09 pro freedom rally CushmanSt, Fairbanks, AK
The 9/12 rally group walked over to the corner of Cushman Street and first Ave, downtown,
Fairbanks, Alaska, Sep. 12, 09.
Citizens such as Beka Z. and Gail S., and the Interior Alaska Conservative Coalition helped organize the 9/12 rally.

I'm glad that somebody took the inititive to organize this rally. This allows a person such as myself to go to a location and express their concern about an issue they have been worrying about.
In addition to my sign, I also brought some papers to hand out to anyone who wondered about the Employee Free Choice Act (which was the subject of my sign). (The Employee Free Choice Act bill is pending in the U.S. Congress and I think it would be harmful to America.)

Later, around noon, we went over to near the Johansen Expressway, near the vicinity of the Walmart and Lowes stores,
where another 9/12 pro freedom rally had been scheduled to take place. We joined up with those other pro freedom citizens.
Some civic minded ladies from the Delta Junction / Fort Greely area (100 miles south east of Fairbanks) came up to start up the 9/12 rally at the Johansen Expressway location.

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Randy S. Griffin