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This page first posted: Dec 21, 2009
Add: March 29, 2010

We need to contact our representatives in Washington D.C. and tell them to stand up against the left wing federal takeover of our health care system.

A person can send an email (or call on the phone) to U.S. Senator Mark Begich by going to .
Then use the computer mouse to click on "SENATORS" then click on "Begich, Mark".
Then after you get to Senator Begich's website, click on "Contact Information".

I (Randy Griffin) sent the following email to U.S. Senator Mark Begich (D-Alaska) on November 21, 2009

(Note: I later noticed that I made an error in my original Nov. 21, 09 email to Senator Begich. I said "4,954 votes" I should have said "3,954 votes". I have corrected that error in the copy of the email that I am reprinting directly below.)

Dear Senator Begich: Please vote NO on advancing the socialist health care reform.

The Communist Party USA wants you to vote YES.

If you go to you will see the 11/18/09 headline: "CPUSA: Keep Up the Momentum for Strong Health Care Reform Now."

You got elected to the U.S Senate fair and square with 47.77% of the vote compared to Ted Stevens' 46.52%. But let's face it; it was also a bit of a fluke, with the felony conviction of Ted Stevens only 1 week before the Nov. 08 election. Then the conviction was overturned, after the election. Conservative Bob Bird's 13,197 votes sucked away the 3,954 votes that Stevens needed to beat you. But you ran a strong campaign and won fairly.

But my point is, is it fair to convert a huge portion of our beloved and formerly free country into a nightmarish socialist welfare state in the health care field, just because you can?

An Anchorage Channel 2 KTTU poll (Sep 16, 09, unscientific) asked: Do you support the health care reform bill the U.S. Senate unveiled today? The responses said: NO 68%, YES 19%, UNDECIDED 13%.

There will be plenty of times when you can vote in a liberal manner on smaller issues in the years ahead. But please don't drag your fellow Alaskans and fellow Americans down the tragic road of socialized medicine just because you can.

Thank you for hearing me out.

I sent the following email to U.S. Senator Mark Begich (D-Alaska) on Dec. 20, 2009

Dear Senator Begich,
I beg of you to help save us from being pushed off the precipice into the mire of President Obama's health care reform.

On Dec. 15, 09, President Obama had a meeting with Democratic Senators and then said the following:
“And from the discussions we had it’s clear that we are on the PRECIPICE of an achievement that’s eluded congresses and presidents for generations – an achievement that will touch the lives of nearly every American.”
Well, I for one, do not want to be “touched” and manhandled by this totalitarian health care bill.
   This health care bill would give the federal government brazen new powers to force citizens to purchase health insurance policies whether they want to or not. This attack on our freedom is unprecedented and contrary to our constitution.
It’s true that Alaska state law requires the purchase of automobile liability insurance if we choose to operate our vehicles on public roads. But that is to offer protection to other drivers because our presence on the road introduces a tiny bit of risk to those other drivers.
But Alaska law does not require that we get insurance to pay for damage to our own vehicle or our own body in the event of an accident. We have the freedom to manage our own personal property.
   The federal government should keep its clutching hands off of private insurance companies. The health insurance companies that operate in Alaska are already regulated by the State of Alaska.
Senator Begich, you are the 60th vote in the U.S. Senate, and you alone can save our country from going down this Marxist direction. You would be the greatest hero in the nation if you saved us.
   I realize that members of a political party feel obligated and pressured to follow the direction of a president who is a member of that same party. I also can understand and appreciate that you have long time liberal feelings and are naturally inclined to look at greater governmental control as a solution to problems.
   That is why you would be such an amazing champion of American freedom if you could break free of those natural inclinations in this particular dire situation.
Thank you. Sincerely Yours, Randy S. Griffin

Unfortunately, Senator Mark Begich went ahead and voted for the health care reform bill anyway. The fateful vote for the national health care bill (H.R.3590) occured on December 24, 2009 in the U.S. Senate. All 60 of the liberal (Democrats and 1 socialist) senators voted "yes". All 40 Republican senators opposed the bill.

President Obama later signed the health care reform bill into law in March 2010. Hopefully, it can be repealed, but that will take a lot of effort.

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Written and paid for by Randy S. Griffin, PO Box 73653, Fairbanks, Alaska, 99707