The writing in the blue box and yellow box below, first appeared on this website on November 1, 2006.
It features a transcript of a call to the Michael Dukes Show (radio talk show) on Aug. 21, 06.

Sarah Palin, candidate for Governor of Alaska, was a call in guest on the Michael Dukes Radio Talk Show (KFAR, 660 khz AM, Fairbanks, Alaska) on August 21, 2006, Monday from 5:07 pm to 6:00 pm.

I, Randy Griffin (Fairbanks citizen), called in to the show at 5:46 pm to ask Sarah about a future gas line for Alaska which would carry natural gas from Alaska's North Slope (Prudhoe Bay area) and then down for hundreds of miles to the south.

It was the day before the August 22 primary election, and Sarah Palin was calling KFAR from South Central Alaska where she was doing some final campaigning for the Republican nomination for governor.

Sarah Palin and John Binkley were both running against the incumbent Republican Governor Frank Murkowski. Governor Murkowski entered the race for reelection late in the campaign season (June 06).

I (Randy Griffin) was a strong supporter of Governor Murkowski and I voted for him in the primary election on August 22, 06. However, Murkowski lost and Sarah Palin won.

I now strongly support Sarah Palin in her race for governor against Democratic candidate Tony Knowles.
   She has good basic conservative principles and I believe she will do an excellent job in getting a gas line for Alaska.

Below, in the yellow box is an exact transcript of my call (5:46 pm) to the KFAR radio talk show while Sarah Palin was a guest on Aug. 21, 06. I had recorded the radio broadcast and still have the recording. (This transcript and the posting of this transcript to this web site is not authorized by Sarah Palin or by any candidate.) 

Michael Dukes (KFAR radio talk show host): ... I'm checking the time here. We still got some time here before the break. Good evening, you're on the air.

Randy G. (caller): Hello.

Sarah Palin (guest): Hi.

Randy G.: I think probably the most important issue that we're facing is, most people would agree, is the gas line. It means billions of dollars. And I do think there is a limited window of opportunity. We got a temporary price increase now but it could go down again.
   Now you're a very open minded person and I appreciate that. But there've been some studies that have come out - the PFC study, Information Insights, Econ One that have shown, or they say anyway that the most effective way, and the way, most realistic way that we can get this is to go down the Alcan Highway.
   Now, you're open minded and everything. You're looking at everything. I know you've...

Sarah Palin: Right.

Randy G.: ...looked at the LNG Valdez line and such, and that's OK.
   But here's my big question - as you can see, including by one of the callers that just called in, a little bit ago, some people have a very, almost a hatred of oil companies, or not a hatred, maybe a 'fear' is a better word. They talk about oligopolies, monopolies. They feel it's going to be a lock, a stranglehold and that's why we've got to diversify and such like that.
   Now here's the big question. I want to support,  you know,  if you win, I'll support whichever Republican candidate including you because you're a nice person.
   But the big thing I'd like to know from you is: If you get in and are elected governor and you look at these, review all these reports and maybe some new information that comes out, and you see that the best, most viable line is in fact a gas line that's owned by the oil companies and that maybe even where the state has a share in it,
- can you get behind that?
Or do you have any kind of, uh, you know, either a philosophical or ideological block that would prevent you from what some people would say - getting into bed with the oil companies or are you able to be open minded enough where you can get on board with that?

Sarah Palin: I promise you, I will get on board with that project that is in Alaska's best interest,
 whether that be a Canadian route, whether it be owned by the producers or independents,  whether it be just an Alaskan line while the Canadian line is being planned.
 I promise you I will get on board with whatever is in Alaska's best interest.

Randy G.: That makes me feel better because I appreciate that. Thank you very much.

Sarah Palin: Thank you.

Michael Dukes: Thank you for the call, appreciate it.    

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I certify that that this web site is not authorized, paid for or approved by any candidate.
This web site is written and paid for by Randy Griffin, PO Box 73653, Fairbanks, Alaska, 99707

Update: Sarah Palin won the November 7, 2006 election for Governor of Alaska.
The vote percentages were as follows:
Sarah Palin / Sean Parnell (Republican) - 48.5 %
Tony Knowles / Ethan Berkowitz (Democrat) - 40.7 %
Andrew Halcro / Fay Von Gemmingen (Independent) - 9.6 %